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Protecting consumers – security tips from the FTC

Data Security

If you breach a client’s trust of you with their information, losing the client will be just the start of bad effects.

Start with Security

Your clients trust you with a certain amount of information regarding themselves and their companies when they do business with you. Maintaining the security of that information is imperative for several reasons. First of all, it’s the law. Federal, state, and local laws all exist to ensure that you protect your clients’ information, just like your information gets protected by your vendors. More importantly to your bottom line, though, is that a security breach breaks the trust that your clients have put in you, and when the word gets out– and it will– potential clients won’t be flocking to your doorstep… they’ll be searching for somewhere their information will be secure.

This post from TechRepublic is a high-level overview of 10 tips from the FTC on how to protect consumer data that should be implemented on every business network.

Do you need help with the nuts-and-bolts technical aspects of how to secure your network using the above tips, and other “best practice” security policies? That’s where WJP Enterprises can help you. With our experience in network security, we can help you ensure that you are properly protecting both your clients’, and your very own, private information.

Contact us for help.


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Benefits of Outsourcing Computer Services

computer serviceIt takes a lot of talent to run a successful business, and owners of successful small businesses are typically very talented and motivated people. The potential problem there is they usually have a penchant for wanting to do everything themselves, and they have a belief they can do it all themselves. This mindset can be detrimental to the overall success of their business. Trying to do it all can lead to hindered growth, lower profit margins and in some cases failure. Outsourcing things like computer services allows an the business owner to focus on what they do best. In order to create a business that is structurally sound, expandable and profitable, business owners should focus the majority of their time and energy on their personal talents and skills that are most important to the growth of their business and those skills that will most help in the generation of income.

 Reasons to Outsource Computer Service

1. Better control of expenses – Outsourcing your computer services eliminates all the costs associated with having an additional employee, or employees, on staff. Payroll, training, insurance, employment taxes, etc., and the management and administrative time to oversee all these, are eliminated for outsourced technologies.

2. Improve company and employee focus – No one can know everything about everything. Outsourcing computer services allows the business owner to focus on what his own business provides. A business owner with a law degree doesn’t start a law firm because of his computer expertise. Anything that takes a business owner’s focus away from the core purpose of the business, is detracting from, rather than supporting, the business.

Same thing with other employees; maybe someone is the sales department happens to be real knowledgeable about computer systems. Allowing that person to be the de facto tech support for the company takes them away from their real job (selling!). Plus, even if they are knowledgeable with computers, they still aren’t spending their days keeping up with the latest technology, and so the business will suffer. Outsourcing your computer services allows your employees to be used for their best and highest purpose, the reason you probably hired them.

3. Better access to expertise and new tech – IT companies provide better expertise with technology. Learning correct or better ways of using the technology tools they’ve been provided will make your employees much more efficient. IT companies are familiar with all the common tools in the modern office and can train your users better methods or shortcuts to improve their efficiency and results. A good computer service provider will also be up to date with new trends in computing, and can help guide a business in implementing new technologies at the best time and in the best way.

4. Risk mitigation – Technology has improved greatly, but there are still risks to your IT infrastructure. Hardware and software malfunction, including viruses, malware, and criminal behavior can lead to downtime, higher cost, and lost data. Computer service providers  can help mitigate these risks through monitoring, maintenance, implementing best practices, and expert consultation.

 Choosing a computer service provider

Not all computer service companies are the same. A managed service provider, or MSP, can provide comprehensive IT and computer service that covers virtually everything that touches your network, including servers, computers, printers, phones, tablets, software, etc. Outsourcing your computer service to a qualified MSP can make your business more successful and profitable than it is now, and it can give you more free time, too!

At WJP Enterprises, we are a managed service provider that helps small businesses in central Florida (Polk and East Hillsborough County) control their IT costs and risks. Contact us and let us prove to you that we should be your computer service provider.

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