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Protecting consumers – security tips from the FTC

Data Security

If you breach a client’s trust of you with their information, losing the client will be just the start of bad effects.

Start with Security

Your clients trust you with a certain amount of information regarding themselves and their companies when they do business with you. Maintaining the security of that information is imperative for several reasons. First of all, it’s the law. Federal, state, and local laws all exist to ensure that you protect your clients’ information, just like your information gets protected by your vendors. More importantly to your bottom line, though, is that a security breach breaks the trust that your clients have put in you, and when the word gets out– and it will– potential clients won’t be flocking to your doorstep… they’ll be searching for somewhere their information will be secure.

This post from TechRepublic is a high-level overview of 10 tips from the FTC on how to protect consumer data that should be implemented on every business network.

Do you need help with the nuts-and-bolts technical aspects of how to secure your network using the above tips, and other “best practice” security policies? That’s where WJP Enterprises can help you. With our experience in network security, we can help you ensure that you are properly protecting both your clients’, and your very own, private information.

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