Mobile Office technology keeps business going when weather gets bad.

Mobile Office

Mobile Office (remote access or telecommuting)

When weather or other situation, like illness, makes employee commuting difficult, small businesses can deploy mobile office, or telecommuting, to improve employee productivity, safety, and morale.

For people in the Tampa Bay area, it’s been a rough couple of weeks on the weather front. Some unprecedented weather patterns have brought a lot more rain to the area than usual. All that water needs to go somewhere, but when we get so much rain and it combines with high tides, sometimes the water won’t go anywhere quickly, and flooding occurs, and makes roadways impassible.

If you’re a business owner, you want your business to continue, and you want productivity to stay high, but the reality is that your employees are going to have difficulty getting to work, maybe being late; maybe even needing to stay home with kids if the weather is bad enough to cancel school.

Mobile office technology, also known as mobile computing, remote office, telecommuting, work-shifting, and probably some other buzzwords of the week, can help your employees keep your business operations moving along. And employees that don’t have to sludge out into bad weather and traffic complications are happier and have better morale.

Of course there are some jobs, such as manufacturing,  that just don’t fit into the mobile office landscape, but sales, customer service, accounting, administrative, and many other tasks are well-suited to remote operation.

At WJP Enterprises we’ve been working remotely and helping businesses leverage remote computing for over 25 years. Obviously, remote access technology has changed a lot over the years, and we love the capabilities available now for accessing business information on our phones, tablets, home computers, and even business center computers we can rent time on over on the other side of the world.

But all this remote connectivity also means additional security measures are necessary to make sure your business information remains confidential.

The good news is that even with the additional security measures needed, an investment in mobile office technology will easily pay for itself with increased productivity and employee morale. You just need an expert to configure it and walk you through it to make sure nothing is missed. So call or email WJP Enterprises, Inc. and let’s get your business mobile.

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