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Congratulations to V&R Insurance

V&R Insurance On Thursday, November 5th, 2015, V&R Insurance was named the Small Business of the Year by the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce.

Congratulations to Kenna Holmes and Michael Watkins, the owners of V&R Insurance.

WJP Enterprises is proud to be associated with V&R Insurance. Our two companies have a great partnership: WJP Enterprises provides IT service and website design and hosting for V&R Insurance, and V&R Insurance helps WJP Enterprises navigate the complex world of health insurance, helping us select the best health care policies year after year. V&R Insurance has saved WJP Enterprises literally thousands and thousands of dollars in health care costs just in the last couple of years.

The partnership between the companies goes back a long way. The original owners of V&R Insurance, William Vernon and Rolly Rollyson hired J.R. Pitts, the owner of WJP Enterprises, for his very first computer job when he was still in high school. Over thirty years later, both companies still partner and thrive.

WJP Enterprises strongly encourages everyone needing help figuring out the best direction to go for the health care insurance, both personal and business, to give V&R Insurance a call.

Also, check out their website at

Again, Congratulations to Kenna, Michael, and everyone at V&R Insurance!


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