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Windows 7 Update causing problems

We’ve had a few reports of users having difficulty booting Windows 7 today. Even one of our office computers had this problem. We’re not sure yet if it was a Windows 7 update, but enough people are having this problem, that we suspect so. And are putting this information out without a full investigation into the issue to try to be as helpful as possible.

The problem is manifesting itself by the Windows 7 computer not finishing up the booting process. It will start, but the only thing displayed on the screen will be your mouse pointer on a black background. You can move the mouse pointer around the screen with no problem, but the computer doesn’t finish booting.

Trying to reboot into the other options (Safe Mode with or without Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt) doesn’t help. You will get the same screen with moving mouse pointer.

The solution we have found requires booting with a Windows 7 Installation CD. Once the Windows 7 Installation CD starts to boot, you’ll need to press a key to have it continue.

Once you get to the first screen, instead of installing Windows 7, click the option at bottom to “Repair your Windows installation.” The program will search your hard drive for Windows installations (will probably find just the one). Select that installation and then Next. You will now be able to run “System Restore” to restore your system back to the previous restore point. (Hopefully you have System Restore turned on.)

After System Restore is finished, your computer should boot with no problem.

If your system still doesn’t boot after this, you will need to contact us for a service call.

(This is an urgent post intended to get needed information into users’ hands as quickly as possible, and so we haven’t taken the extra time to enumerate every step or provide screen captures.)

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