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Last minute tips before Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew threatens central Florida

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the east coast of Florida, the size of the storm means that some effects will be felt in Central and West Florida.

If you haven’t prepared your business (or your home) computers, here is a short list of tasks you should check before leaving the office today.

  • Be sure your backup(s) are current and verified. (If you have our Managed Backup Service, we do this for you.)
  • Test any backup power supplies (UPSes) that you have to be sure they are operating.
  • Turn off and unplug any non-essential devices you have that you won’t need to access over the weekend, to protect again, power surges and flooding. (If you are a Managed Service client and wish us to remotely shutdown your servers, that is an included service, just create a ticket and let us know.)
  • Ensure that any essential device that is going to be left on is plugged into either a surge protector or a UPS.
  • Where possible, move surge protectors and computers that are on the floor up off of the floor in case of flooding.
  • If you have a concern about leaking roofs, place plastic over your computers and printers.
    • NOTE THAT any device covered with plastic should be turned off to prevent possible overheating.

During the storm you should be with your family and caring about them. Don’t be worrying about your IT because you didn’t plan ahead!


Stay safe, and we wish everyone the best.


(Didn’t plan ahead? Run into trouble? We provide 24 hour support.)


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